Emergency and Evacuation Procedures

Emergency Procedures Manual

The Emergency Procedures Manual is to be followed immediately upon the identification of a fire, medical emergency/serious injury, bomb threat, gas leak, or other similar event. These procedures must be reviewed with all members of the university community in the Health and Safety Orientation. Annual review is recommended to keep people aware of procedures. First aid kits are located in strategic areas throughout the campus. A list of First Aiders and kit locations can be found on the Health and Safety website.

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Evacuation Procedures and Assembly Points

Each building has a designated Chief Evacuation Warden who is responsible for developing and maintaining an effective evacuation plan. This includes holding drills and communicating the plan, including primary and secondary assembly points, to members of the building through departmental meetings. Buildings also have a designated Floor or Area Warden(s) with alternates, as well as designated Guardians, who are responsible for assisting disabled persons.

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